About Us

Thank you for all these years of loyalty since 1986.

Hi, my name is Frank M. Rhyno. Having started Sister Sarah’s Adult Stores in late 1986, and established later that year, in December of 1986, we find ourselves nearly 30 years later, and still in the business. My partner, Debbie G. Murree; also the mainstay of the operation, has been with me for what feels like an eternity, and almost from the beginning. However; between the court battles we fought, and making it a legal right in Nova Scotia; not to mention Canada, by a precedent setting Supreme Court decision in our favour; in which it was all about having these stores, and allowing people the personal freedom of walking though our doors, we have grown. Having grown in that time to 9 stores, and then by choice, downsizing to a few; we are now choosing to gradually settle back to where we now are, and with the direction, we so now choose. In all of that time, a special thank-you is in line to you, the consumer, and, we can never thank those of you enough, for standing with us, while having supported us for all of these years. From Debbie and me, a fond thank you is well in store, and I am sure, well overdue.

Myself; now getting into my late 60’s, and mostly retired; Debbie is the go getter. She; being the younger of the two of us, and much younger than me; not to mention the one responsible for maintaining great customer relations in the past, present, and will be the future; she is without a doubt, one of the mainsprings behind our existence. As with Debbie, and going on the 27 years that she has been doing this; her aim is customer service, and that is one area that is never taken lightly. And her knowledge in both knowing the products and quality customer relations, it will guarantee you the best in overall quality available. Unlike many stores out there who play the multiple available outlets for product; choosing to pose cheap as good, and for many – seeking out the cheapest form of marketing in reference to product quality; whether a distribution supplier or supplier/retail avenue; posing as distributors, she and I have both taken the role to deal with one supplier who is honest and one that we can count on. By doing this, it guarantees you both quality, and the trust, we as individuals, also enjoy. In doing that, it gives us more of a one on one, confidence basis; not to mention trust, and the comfort level needed, making it a point never to second guess quality, or products, when the consumer’s question and trust, is of the products available. In those years starting, and up to now, so much has changed. Then, so have we. But, enough about us. This is about you, trust, and what you may be considering down the road.

 Presently, our aim is to take what was always an in store shopping format; now making Sister Sarah’s Adult Stores, with Debbie and myself, available online. Working hand in hand with a friend, and that person, being a supplier, and one with a process of thought along the lines of our hope theories, our confidence is that you will find a great selection available, with a quality, second to none. Perhaps we are a bit late in approaching that online career, but, our policy is to cater to you, the consumer, and not to get caught up in the complexity of business; but then again, make our stores and website friendly, making available one of the wider variations of Quality Products in the industry. As for our experience in the business, we have it. If not; we would not have been here for going on 30 years. The one thing I have learned in business over the past years is simple; if you want to drive a Volkswagen, buy one. However, if you want to ride in a Cadillac, remember, quality comes in a higher price. 

Choosing to work as a couple oriented base, and one designed to get people communicating; our aim is to prolong the quality of relationships. However; do not be swayed by that comment. Our goal is to prolong the enjoyment of both single and dual relationships, helping to make all issues pertaining to sex, fantasies, and experiences, the best anyone can consider. Those of you, who know us and have been with us over the years, have trusted us for a long time. All that we ask now is that you still do. As for us flexing our wings, come on – hop in our Cadillac and check out the ride. Once you challenge our site in its entirety, I think you will see both a difference, and the wish, finding that the magical carpet ride fluttering through your mind, can become a reality. Having a wide rage of products available to us, we promote the idea of couples, enjoyment, and the fantasy of your needs.

To new customers tempting the waters of the deep, we do welcome you; just as we have welcomed those walking through our doors for the first time, and those who have been with us for years. Being introduced to many new products monthly, our goal will be to make those fully available though our site. Considering we can only shelve a small amount of these products in store, and in reference to online shopping as a comparison, we personally invite you to check us, and the site, out. Keep in mind one thing; comparisons are only backed by the quality and knowledge of the products, the business on a whole, and people that you, as a consumer, feel comfortable with. As a consumer, keep in mind quality, and an open mind to people that you feel you can trust. And as for trust issue, we won’t sell you a bill of goods; but only ask of you, give us the opportunity to earn your trust, while striving to earn your business.


Thank you,

 Frank Rhyno